Migration Challenge

@home in a strange place - the migration challenge

An invitation to WALK WITH THE STRANGER and be inspired through a new resource produced by members of the United Reformed Church which includes a film, When Truth is Blind, (available at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwRK7MDomFg)  which will encourage us to listen to each other and be inspired by our conversations…

@home in a strange place
This is a new resource to inspire conversations on migration for worship, study groups and personal reflection. The purpose of this resource is to encourage a series of ‘sacred conversations’ in local churches on migration issues in helpful and constructive ways. With the use of testimony, poetry, story, video, drama, prayers and reflections the hope is that people will also draw on their own experiences to understand better the complex issues of migration.

@home in a strange place raises questions from experiences with the intention of transforming minds, hearts and attitudes towards making a difference on issues related
to migration. This resource from the Mission Department of the United Reformed Church is accessible online via the URC’s website, and includes the film, When Truth is Blind.

Further details:  http://www.urc.org.uk/at-home-mission