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RobertMinister’s Letter

Dear Friends,

7 High Tree Drive,




0118 966 8647

As we enter this third year of the United Reformed Church programme Vision4Life, we enter the year of evangelism. This is one of the most misunderstood words in our Christian vocabulary, some people are frightened by the thought that they might meet an evangelist or that they might be an evangelist.

Fear not, we are all evangelists, not just through our words but through our actions which speak of the gospel message. Sometimes our words and actions match and demonstrate that we have understood God’s message – sometimes our actions demonstrate that we still have much to learn!

Recognising the need that we all have to develop our understanding of the gospel and our understanding of evangelism the elders have arranged a number of opportunities. We are running a couple of listening courses – on Monday evenings and on Sunday evenings. In Lent there will be a six week course called ‘Singing in the rain’ which uses a resource by Jeff Lucas (details are in this magazine). Other courses available will be looking at the J. John material called ‘Breaking News’ and in September we will run another Alpha course.

Being good news in our community means supporting local initiatives which reach the lonely, the homeless, the despairing. Being good news in our community means providing space for community groups to meet on our premises.

Being good news means building bridges between people of different faiths and backgrounds – being a people of grace and not of prejudice. Being good news means being a people willing to serve others, to support others, to care for others.

As a church fellowship we find countless ways to demonstrate our support for those around us – just read through our church secretary’s report which gives a great overview of some highlights of 2010.

In this month’s magazine you’ll also find details of a prayer shawl ministry which is a new initiative, a different form of evangelism and of support.

We are told that we live in a time of austerity, a time of cutbacks and wage freezes – as a church we need to be aware of who is suffering the most, so often history shows us that the poorest people are the ones who suffer the most when the cuts take place. It’s not surprising, those who have never made a claim for unemployment benefit, or educational maintenance allowance, or family tax credit will not notice when that support is reduced or removed completely.

Please join me in praying for the most vulnerable in our community, and in our global communities – think of the people of Haiti who will be rebuilding homes for decades to come. Please join me in praying that these times of austerity will not lead to us becoming more selfish but being more generous.

Remember that our God is not a God of doom and despondency, God has demonstrated that nothing can come between us and God’s eternal love. The cross of Christ shows that even the most desperate of endings can lead to new beginnings; shows that hope can spring up from death. So in these days of austerity, may we know days of celebration that God is with us and may we have confidence to listen to others and to God. Then may God grant us the confidence to share our stories, complete with the good times and the challenges.

It is always good to celebrate with members of our church, last month two people celebrated 100th birthdays, Dick Dowling and Annie Hitchcock – and Thelma Butler celebrated 60 years membership of Park United Reformed Church. We rejoice with them and the faithfulness of God, which is unending!

Yours in Christ,


Church Family News

http://ames-slc.org/Images/newspaper.jpgWe must begin by sending our love and congratulations to our two most senior members, who have both become centenarians during January: Dick Dowling on January 22nd, and Annie Hitchcock on January 26th. A great achievement, and we send our very best wishes to you both.

We also send our love and congratulations to Thelma Butler, who has been a church member at Park for 60 years – having been received on 30th January 1951. Thelma and Bob often attend our Sutton Court service, and we hope to make a presentation there on the first Sunday in February.

Congratulations too to Emily McGready and Amir Farahani, who were married at Park on December 18th. It was a stressful start to the day, with the snow adding an additional challenge – but having relocated the reception all went very well. We send our love and very best wishes for the future.

Looking ahead to another wedding, we send best wishes to Rachel and John’s daughter Rebecca Lee-Johnson, who has announced her engagement to Ashley Scott. Rebecca and Ashley will be married on June 25th in Heckfield, Hampshire.

And yet more congratulations to Jan Dray, who on 13th December was awarded a medal in recognition of her 30 years of service to the Scouting movement.

Heather King has passed her driving test – congratulations to her and to all our young people who achieve this very necessary milestone.

We were all very sorry to hear of the death of Grace Stiven on 21st December (see later in the magazine for an appreciation of her life), and we send our love and sympathy to Jannette, Cloe and all her family.

Long-standing members will also be sorry to hear of the passing of Grace Crouch, a former member who died on December 12th. Grace and her family lived in Maiden Erlegh Drive in the 1970s until they moved to Guildford, where they were members of the URC there. We send our love and sympathy to her husband Geoff, and to all the family.

We have heard from Les Lee that he and Marion have now moved back to England. Marion is living at Oban House Care Home, and Les with his daughter Margaret and her husband Andy. Les writes: “unfortunately Marion remains blind and hears very little, but we hope she will be comfortable within reach of more family and friends.”  We send our very best wishes to Marion and Les. Their addresses are available from the Church Secretary.

 It is good to report that a number of people have had successful surgery over the past month. Mick Plummer is recovering from a knee operation; Maureen Plummer, Sally Kirk and Pauline Whistler have all had eye surgery; June Waldron is recovering in the Lynden Hall Clinic after a back operation, and Dave Jones has had a successful operation too.

We were also glad to hear that Brian Mico (father of Suzy Weston) is also making good progress.

Charles Kidby is unwell and is waiting for the results of tests, and we have also heard that Phil Dray (Les’s son, who has done a good deal of work around our premises) has been suffering from pleurisy.

We send our very best wishes to all these friends, and others who are ill at home, and assure them of our prayers.


From the Church Registers


18 December 2010       Emily McGready  to Amir Farahani


7 January 2011 Grace Irene Stiven

Church Secretary’s Annual Report 2010

I would like to present my Annual Report for 2010. As in previous years I would like to say how much of a privilege it is for me to serve the fellowship at Park URC as your Church Secretary.  I would like to start my review of the year by first expressing my heartfelt thanks for all your support, kindness and prayers. 2010 has not been without its challenges for myself and Carole, and we have felt so supported by you all.

Looking back, 2010 has been an interesting year and as in the “Footprints” story it is when you look back you can see more clearly where God’s hand has been at work.  At the beginning of 2010, in my review, I had commented that 2009 had seen many “firsts” and “new starts”. Well 2010 did have its own new starts, but more importantly many examples of “development and growth”.

We continued with the Vision4life URC initiative. In 2009 we had been focusing primarily on the Bible, in 2010 the focus was on Prayer.  Each one of us was challenged to look more deeply at our Prayer life.  At the beginning of the year a Prayer Handbook was introduced; many thanks to Rod King for collating the prayers submitted by organisations, groups, members and friends of Park. All these submissions formed a booklet of weekly prayers. I am sure some are still available if required.

In early March we held a 12/7 Prayer Week, during which the Church was open from 9am to 9pm  every day from the 1st to the 7th of March. The theme of the Prayer Week was ‘One Voice’ – we joined with churches all over the world in praying for those who are less fortunate, and to thank God for the many blessings we have received. Prayer stations had been put together by many groups within the Park fellowship but also several other CTEER Churches provided bases.  It was certainly a wonderful event and it was easy to spend many hours in quiet reflection and prayer, not noticing the time go by. Much of the organisation and preparation for this event was arranged by Carrie King and our grateful thanks go to her for all the work that she put in. 

A further initiative introduced this year was for our Elders to organise the Prayers of intercession during Sunday morning worship. This was introduced to enable more people to take part in providing corporate prayer and to add a greater texture to our worship.

Our evening Ignite services have continued this year and as a result we have seen a wide range of new faces come to Park. Many have stayed and become fully integrated into our fellowship.  During the course of 2010 we have used material from the ‘Nooma’ series by Rob Bell; an excellent resource of challenging video presentations.  In the last couple of months Ignite has been studying the 10 Commandments using material from the well known Evangelist, J John. We have enjoyed many meals together and some wonderful times of worship. At the end of the academic year it was sad to see many of the students who had been great Ignite supporters move on, having finished their University studies. We hope God will bless them wherever they are called to serve. At the final Ignite service of 2010 we celebrated not only with worship but also a Christmas meal together, to which over 40 people came. Many thanks to Abby King for preparing a wonderful meal for us all that night and  many thanks to all those who have helped in preparing food, serving, washing up and in any other way.

Another new start in 2009 that has gone from strength to strength in 2010 is our Pilots Company.  So much so that a new group for 5 to 7 year olds has been set up, these are called Deckhands – the 8-11 year olds are known as Adventurers. We are really pleased that Tim Lancaster has taken on the role of Captain of the Pilots Company from Laura Pierce.  We thank God for all those who help to lead and work with these groups and hope that they continue to grow.

Youth work at Park has continued to flourish not just with the Pilots but also with the “Fizzang” joint youth group. The joint Youth Worker role with Wesley Methodist Church has been a tremendous boon to both Church fellowships. In September, Laura Pierce left us to start a PGCE course at the University of Reading. We wish her every success in her new career, with many thanks for all the effort and work that she has put in over the past few years. 

In October Danie Neads joined us as a joint Youth and Children’s Worker.  The change in title indicates that we want develop our work with the younger children too. We wish Danie every success in this role and I am sure we will all be there to support her as this work develops.

A huge amount of work has gone on this year with our Sustainable Energy Project. Many thanks go to Rod King and Tony Durrant for all that has gone into preparing reports and completing forms to obtain grants.  The whole project is progressing well and 2011 should see the installation of solar panels in the spring and the new biomass boiler in early summer.  Through all these efforts (not just in the solar panels and boiler solution but also in the areas of education, investigation and plans for further building insulation) we were assessed and presented the Eco Congregation Award in December.

Once again we took a large party to Spring Harvest, 56 went in total including a large number of young people and leaders form the joint youth group.  It is both a refreshing and challenging time and everybody seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves.  Repeated again this year was the newly introduced Church Summer Camp. The camp was held at a site just outside Newbury and this year we celebrated worship at the camp on Sunday morning. My thanks to Carol McCarron who held the fort back at Park that day. The camp was a great time to spend away relaxing with friends; we talked, walked, played games, sang, some even playing tennis on the court on site. A mammoth water fight seemed to be much enjoyed by those involved.

Park has had a long history of supporting the training of new ministers.  It was with great pleasure in September we were able to attend both the induction of Rev. Gordon Connell  to Twyford URC and in October a large number of Park fellowship were able to travel to Thatcham URC to attend the ordination and induction of Rev. John Lee.  

Our love and blessings go to John and Gordon as they start their new roles in these churches. It is wonderful to know that both John and Gordon heard and responded to their call while at Park. I wonder if the next to respond is listening to this report or maybe reading it in our Magazine.

Earlier in the year in March DRAPES had entertained us with the pantomime of Aladdin, which was enjoyed greatly by everyone who attended. As always it was lovely to see so many of the fellowship of all ages involved.  A new experiment of a Murder Mystery evening was held in November, which was a great success.

Harvest this year was celebrated with a Barn Dance and supper and I know that all those who went had a great time. It is always good to see new events, as it is important to try out new things. At the Christmas Fair this year we also introduced a Christmas Tree Festival, in which at least 15 organisations provided a decorated tree, the Church looked splendid when all these were alight. The afternoon was enhanced by the school choir from Aldryngton School who came and sang carols. My thanks to Helen Durrant who organised the tree festival and the choir, we look forward to this being repeated next year.

On July 31st Craig and Rose Messeder celebrated their wedding at Park, the service being conducted by Rev Gordon Connell on a wonderful summer’s day. On 18th December, Emily McGready and Amir Farahani celebrated their wedding. They brought a new meaning to the term ‘white wedding’ as there had been about 8 inches of snow just before the happy day. Emily McGready and Amir Farahani are our latest church members and joined us on the 5th September.  Both joined by profession of faith and at this time Emily chose to be baptised by immersion as she had not been baptised before. Earlier in the year on the 7th March, Sue Batchelor, Jack Salter and Frances Lancaster became members by transfer from other churches, Lesley Saunders became a member by profession of faith.

During the course of the year we have seen quite a few dedications and Baptisms; Joseph Mills was dedicated in May, Timothy Jenner and Alexander (Xan) Bearne-Rolfe were baptised in June.  In September Emily McGready, Polly Werro and Sonja Bormann were all baptised and Lillian Kapodistria was baptised in November. We welcome them into God’s worldwide family, may he bless them as they grow both in years and faith.

It is with a feeling of sadness that we note the passing of two long term members of our fellowship: Doreen Taylor passed away on the 10th October and Grace Stiven on the 21st December. I know we will all have our memories of these two special ladies. May God bless them and their families and all those who mourn.

The church membership at the beginning of the year was 113 and at the end of the year is 118 members. It is so good to see that in these challenging times we are able to continue to increase our membership. Over the last few years we have continued to see a small but steady growth. When reviewing the membership figures I noticed that 30% of the membership have become members in the last 5 years and that 50% have been members for less than 15 years. We do have one member who has been here for over 70 years, I won’t name names. 

So you can see how much the membership is changing and it is also becoming more diverse: in views, expectations, gifts and available time. This is a good thing, it is evidence of a vibrant and healthy church, however it also has its challenges and difficulties.

With such a wide range of expectations it becomes ever more difficult to please everybody, this needs to be realised and accepted. Different people enjoy different things; different people have different demands on their time. We cannot expect everyone to attend everything that happens at Park. We must allow people to choose what is right for them.

In closing may I repeat that we are a vibrant and healthy church, with God’s grace may we continue to grow in this way and continue to search for God’s way though the love of Jesus Christ.

Roger Clark - Church Secretary

Upstairs Room News

Corymeela and Churches Together in Berkshire have been using one of our rooms as an office for about fifteen years, but they have both moved out releasing this room for our use.

The timing is excellent as we have increased our church and community use so much that we need the extra space. At our church meeting in January we agreed that this room would be known as the Upper Room.

By the middle of February this room will have been completely redecorated, with new carpets laid, providing a fresh new space. To book this room for your group just contact our centre manager Julie Cameron (details on the contacts page of the magazine).

Ignite logoIGNITE News

Following the success of our new style of evening worship we continue with this style of worship throughout February and March.

This term we are using a Listening Course as the teaching part of the worship, this is open to all ages – do come along, especially if you have not experienced our informal evening worship.

Refreshments are provided before the service, from 6.30pm, with the worship from 7.00pm.

Advance Notice – Synod Day 2011

It is a long time since the last Wessex Synod Day, there is one planned for all ages to be held near Henley on 18th June 2011. Now is the time to mark the Wessex Synod Day it in your diary Saturday 18th June 2011 at Foley Hill.

There will be a wide range of activities and attractions available, including a working steam locomotive. We expect further information available very soon.

knittingPrayer Shawl Ministry

There are many good things about Park United Reformed Church. One of which is that we are known to be a group of people who care about each other and those known to us.

We show this Christian love in lots of ways; through prayer, visiting people, listening, encouraging and supporting one another, sharing our flowers, helping out in practical ways.

Last November I travelled to the United Reformed Church Windermere Centre to find out about a different aspect to ministry, one which I wondered whether we could begin here in Reading. It’s called ‘Prayer Shawl Ministry’.

The idea is that a group of interested people meet together on a regular basis to pray for others that they are concerned about (usually people they know personally, but not always), to have a cup of tea and a natter and to make shawls, scarves and lap-rugs by knitting, crocheting, quilting or sewing.

Throughout the whole process prayer is incorporated into the item being made. It can then be blessed and is taken to the person that has been prayed for.

There are stories of people who have benefitted greatly from receiving a shawl or rug. Some have been filled with a huge sense of peace or of comfort or of joy.

However, it isn’t just the prayer and the giving of the gift which is important, it is the support and care which grows amongst the group which is also very important.

I hope that this ministry will, in time, become an integral part of our church organisation, just as the Flower Ministry is.

However I cannot do it alone, I need you to join in! This is something you can do at home, on the bus, in your lunch break, whilst watching television and then bring to our meetings which will probably be held once a month.

I will have two initial meetings when I will explain in more detail how the Prayer Shawl Ministry began and it’s ethos. We’ll discuss how to organise our group, the patterns we could use, places to obtain wool and needles, who might be glad of a gift.

Our first afternoon meeting is going to be on Monday 7th February at 2pm.  Our first evening meeting will be on Thursday 10th February at 7.15pm.  Both meetings will be held in the Crèche at Park United Reformed Church.

To begin this project successfully, as well as people, we will need yarn, knitting needles and crochet hooks. If you or your friends have any that you no longer want please contact me as soon as possible so that I can arrange collection.

I look forward to seeing you at one of the meetings. If you have any questions, you can contact me on 0118 966 8647 or email rweston@tesco.net.

Suzy Weston


In the next few weeks we hope to have the crèche carpet replaced, as the existing one is well worn. We are also strengthening the raised platform which has deteriorated over the past few months.

To enable greater use of this room we are also reducing the size of this raised platform, after consultation with the crèche co-ordinator.

Trust Fund Donations

We thank Alan Holmes for giving his time to apply to many charitable trusts for donations towards our youth and children’s work – around 30 letters have been sent out to trusts.

Rob Weston

Grace Stiven 1921 – 2010

Grace was born in Oxford, the second eldest of five daughters.

Her father, who worked at Cowley Motors, had an allotment, where Grace often helped him, and this was probably where she began her love of growing things. She also visited her Aunt Rose and Uncle Arnold who had a farm called “Chasewoods,” in Witney, and during the war, the farm was commandeered by the Army, and this was when she met her husband-to-be, Percy, or Jim - as he was also known. He was stationed there with the Royal Berkshire Regiment.

They married in 1943 and moved to Reading to live with his mother in Holmes Road. Working for the Ministry of Labour, Percy became a member of a Self Build Association in order to provide a house for his growing family. The house, in Beechwood Avenue, Woodley was completed in 1953 and they were the first family to move into one of the many new homes built by the Association.

Grace and Percy moved in with their, then, two children, Alan and Jannette. Keith completed the family soon after. Grace was able to stay in this house until she went into hospital during her final illness.

She worked as a cook at Beechwood and William Gray schools in Woodley, and after her retirement from school meals she spent some time working at Suttons Seeds, packing catalogue orders.

Following Percy’s retirement, they’d planned a trip together to Canada and America to visit Grace’s sisters and their families. Percy passed away before the trip but Grace went, travelling alone and flying for the first time! She met with warmth and support from everyone; the trip meant a great deal to Grace and she often talked about the visit.

Grace was very proud of her garden and continued the work she and Percy had both done, from which she drew much pleasure.  She loved nothing more than pottering in her greenhouse or working in the garden.

Grace joined Park United Reformed Church in July 1981 following the death of her husband, and became a member of Friendship Club in the same year. She used her cooking skills from her working life to help with catering, and was a faithful member for many years.

Many of us appreciated her hospitality at her home in Beechwood Avenue on Saturdays once a year while we were on duty at our Woodley Market stall – a welcome sit down with tea, coffee and plenty of food generously provided.

Grace was hugely proud of her grandchildren Sarah, Linda and Cloe and took interest in all that they did. Finding it hard to accept any frailty in herself she faced life with great determination and purpose, even with ill health in her later years. She passed peacefully away in Jasmine Nursing Home on December 21st 2010.

Hers was a life lived to the full - Grace will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

Dulcie Payton

Most people know that Dulcie has had to give up her bungalow in South Cerney, and is now living in a care home.

Her new address is available from the Church Secretary

And we wish you very happy birthday on March 2nd, Dulcie!

Ignite Christmas Dinner

pictures David Wong

Solar Panel and Biomass Boiler News

Following the Special Church Meeting on 13th June 2010, things have progressed very well for our environmental projects.

From the extensive research that was undertaken prior to the application for funding, we know that both of these projects will help reduce our energy costs in the future.

The planning application has now been submitted and we have chosen Ecosunpower as our contractor to install the solar panels.

 I’m delighted that Dave Jones has agreed to be the person liaising with the contractor to ensure all runs smoothly. Please continue to pray that things will progress well in the coming weeks.

Church Flower Ministry

As many of you know, week by week our worship area is enhanced by flowers which are donated by different people.

Some use their donation to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries, others to remember loved ones.

The flowers are then delivered by an Elder to people who have something good to celebrate or to those who are unable to attend church and with whom we would like to extend the love and friendship of Park United Reformed Church.

We still have a number of dates free on this year’s rota and it would be good to fill them, making sure that we can continue this part of our church ministry.

If you do not feel able to buy and arrange the flowers yourself, there are people on my team who would be happy to do this for you.

Please contact me, Suzy Weston.

Air Ambulance Stamps

For the past 2 years these "silly bits of paper", as they are sometimes called, have resulted in over £100 each year and this has been gratefully acknowledged. That's great and my thanks to you all too.

Please keep them coming but don't worry about the 1st  and 2nd classes such as these...

to be filed0002

...they are easily available.

Any others, particularly higher values (GB), and pictorials such as these...

to be filed0002

...attract my friendly dealer as they filter though very slowly and are very sought after.

Many thanks.

Peter Short


Lent Study Course

As preparation for Lent 2011, Park Church offers a course based upon one of the Life Journey resource packs written by Jeff Lucas – international author, speaker and broadcaster and member of the Spring Harvest Team.

Called ‘Singing in the Rain’ the series explores how Jesus conducted Himself in the week leading up to His crucifixion, and the meaning that this has for His people today. 

It follows the story in Mark’s gospel, from Chapter 11.

The six sessions are supported by DVD film clips, bible study references and an opportunity to share ideas and insights through discussion.

This is a great opportunity for YOU to prepare yourself for YOUR Easter journey! You will be most welcome!

The sessions are led by Rev. Robert Weston and Dave Jones

Dates are:  

·  Wednesday 16th March

·  Wednesday 23rd March

·  Wednesday 30th March

·  Wednesday  6th  April

·  Wednesday 13th April

·  Wednesday 20th April

Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm in the ‘The Upper Room’ at Park Church

For further information please contact: Rev. Robert Weston or Dave Jones   (0118 9663604 - davegjones35@btinternet.com)

Dave Jones



Dear Friends

Mick and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your prayers and offers of help, especially with lifts. It has meant a lot to us as we have been able to keep in contact with Church activities.

Mick is now able to drive for short distances which will enable us to shop and get down to Park.

Thank you all once again and a Happy New Year to you all

Maureen and Mick

Holiday Forum 2011 – ‘Expect the Unexpected’

The New Year is often a time to consider what lies ahead in the year to come. I thought I would therefore take the opportunity of writing to you all to plug the merits of Forum 2011 – ‘Expect the Unexpected’.

I am sure that as a previous Forum attender you will be familiar with the Worship Leader for 2011, Rev Jenny Mills. The Theme will be led by Rev Paul Floe who led the worship a few years ago. Both bring with them their own ‘Expectation of the Unexpected’.

Music will be led by Forum regulars Cathy and Jason Foxwell who promise to bring a different musical dimension to our worship.

I hope that you may consider joining us for what promises to be another exciting and thought provoking year. For those that would like to put an article in their church magazine material can be obtained from the web site at: http://www.urcholidayforum.org.uk.

REinspired Book Launch at Waterstones

On Friday 18th February the REinspired Book will be launched at Waterstones Bookshop on Broad Street, book signing by the authors will take place from 12-2.00pm so why not come along and support this special launch?

Waterstones is an obvious place to launch the book as the building used to be a United Reformed Church, where Rev Albert Molineaux (one of our regular worshippers) served as Minister for several years.

Church Parades

At the church meeting in January we concluded that we wanted to retain around four Church Parades a year, in order to retain the strong link between our sponsored Scout and Guide and Pilots groups.

Being a ‘sponsored’ group means that the church not only gives significant financial support (through free storage and significantly reduced rates for hall hire) but the church regards the groups as an integral part of our church community.

Each member of our groups makes a promise to ‘do their duty to God’ which can be demonstrated in different ways. We acknowledge that people within our community come from many different backgrounds, being a part of our Scout, Guide or Pilots groups means you are valued as an important part of our church community.

Therefore there will continue to be a welcome extended to all church parades throughout the year.

Robert Weston

News from Christian Community Action

From 15th January CCA Furniture Outlet will be opening on Saturdays 10 am to 1 pm.  You can view our stock online at www.ccafurnitureoutlet.org.uk.


Also we have a high demand for used white goods in good working order; fridges, fridge freezers, freezers, dishwashers and in particular washing machines. 

To donate, please phone our furniture donation line on 0118 951 2338 or email warehouse@ccam.org.uk.

Our Southcote shop is looking for volunteers who have time to spare on a Tuesday or a Thursday - if you're interested, please pop into the the shop or phone 0118 959 8656.

Do you have a church or a community group who'd like some board games or jigsaw puzzles?  Then contact our Oxford Road shop on 0118 951 2339."

Sunday Morning Prayers

Some of you may remember that, during the vacancy when Michael Jackson had left us and Robert was yet to arrive, a Saturday morning prayer group was set up to pray specifically for Park Church, it’s minister, members and mission.

The prayer group was well attended and ran for many years. However in later years, some members found they had other commitments that required their attention at that time and the numbers dwindled until it was felt that maybe this prayer group had run its course.

It was an extremely valuable and effective prayer group and many members and friends of Park reported feeling the power of those prayers and God moving and responding to them.

During our Year of Prayer as part of the URC Vision 4 Life series that we have been following at Park, the subject of that Saturday morning prayer group came up several times and it was thought that it would be good, and indeed is necessary, to have a regular prayer meeting praying specifically for Park Church.

A time to run this was discussed at length. Whilst many were keen, it has not been easy to find a time when many could gather together for this prayer time. The best time seemed to be before church on a Sunday.

So from the first Sunday in February and every following first Sunday in the month, there will be a prayer time held in the lounge from 9.30-10.15a.m.

Anyone is welcome to attend, and it doesn’t matter if you cannot commit to coming every time. All we ask is that you try to be prompt so that the prayer time is not disrupted too much by having to go and answer the door!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Carrie King

February CalendarCD217-Flip-Calendar



9.30 am

Morning Prayers



7.30 pm

Finance and Strategy Group Meeting

Fri-Sun 4th – 6th Minister away at Youth and Children’s Work




9.30 am

Morning Prayer Group




Morning Worship with Holy Communion led by Rev. Alan Holmes



4.00 pm

Songs of Praise at Sutton Court led by Doreen Woods



7.00 pm

IGNITE! worship



9.30 pm

Morning Prayers



7.30 pm

Elders Meeting



9.30 am

Morning Prayer Group




Morning Worship



 7.00 pm

IGNITE! Worship




CTEER United Service at Abbey Baptist Church



9.30 am

Morning Prayers



9.30 am

Morning Prayer Group




Thinking Day Church Parade



7.00 pm

IGNITE! Worship



9.30 am

Morning Prayers

21st – 27th Feb Minister away on annual leave



9.30 am

Morning Prayer Group




Morning Worship led by Roger Clark



7.00 pm

IGNITE! Worship

Last day for contributions to the March magazine

Church Contacts




Rev Robert Weston                                                          office:       0118 926 5003

                                                                                             e-mail:       minister@parkurc.org.uk

Church Secretary:

Roger Clark                                                                              

                                                                                             e-mail:       churchsecretary@parkurc.org.uk

Centre Manager:

Julie Cameron                                                                phone:       0845 463 6426

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Magazine Editor:

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Regular Activities at Park


10.30 am




Young people’s groups & Crèche facilities



Holy Communion  (1st Sunday)


4.00 pm 

Worship at Sutton Court (1st Sunday of month)


6.30 pm

Ignite Coffee & Cakes (in term-time)


7:00 pm

Ignite Worship(in term-time)


9.30 am

English Language School


10.00 am

Monkey Music


1.45 pm

Mayfield Singers


6.45 pm

Cub Scouts          


7.30 pm



10:00 am

Park 60+ Exercise


10:00 am

Happy Feet Footcare (every 3 weeks)


2.15 pm

Friendship Club    


2:15 pm

Reading U3A Tai Chi/Yoga (every 2 weeks)


4:00 pm

Street Feet Dance


7:30 pm

Earley Folk Dancing


7:45 pm

Aldbrickham Clog & Step Dancing


7.30 pm

Badminton Club


7.30 pm



9:30 am

Embroiderers’ Guild (monthly)


12.00 pm

Reading Lunchtime Choir


2.00 pm

Reading Macular Society


5.00 pm



6:45 pm

Tribal Fusion Classes (Belly Dancing)


7.30 pm

Mostly G&S Singers


8:00 pm

Arnica Parent Support Group (1st Weds of month)


11.45 am

Senior Citizens’ Lunch Club


2.00 pm

U3A Madrigal Society (every 2 weeks)


2.00 pm

Active Retirement Group


2:00 pm

Reading Abbey Trefoil Group (4th Thurs of month)


5:30 pm



6.00 pm



7.15 pm



7.30 pm



7.30 pm



9:30 am

English Language School





9.00 am

The Allenova Ballet School


10.30 am

Councillor Surgery(monthly)


7.30 pm

FIZZANG(Youth Club)