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RobertMinister’s Letter

Dear Friends,

Welcoming people into the church is important for all of us: the way we are greeted when we first step through the doors, the way we are included or ignored during the worship, the way we are welcomed during the conversations over coffee, all of these play a part in making new people feel welcomed.

Some would argue that our role is not to welcome people into church but into a living relationship with God – which is equally true – but needs to be accompanied by being welcomed into the world-wide family of God. Our relationship with God needs to be ‘incarnated’ in real life experiences – when Jesus came to earth (became incarnate) he came as God to share in the joys and challenges of human life.

Jesus knew the value of welcoming people and getting to know people who were similar and very different. Jesus knew that he was criticised for the friends he kept. Jesus knew that even his close friends wondered at the wide range of people he spent time with: not just religious people but also beggars, prostitutes and tax collectors!

The United Reformed Church is a place where a wide range of people have found a warm welcome, during March we will hear about a new campaign being launched by the URC which is all about the radical welcome that Jesus offered.

This will comprise a series of poster adverts in which radical welcome is offered, with the strapline of ‘Jesus never turned anyone away, neither do we.’

At our March Church Meeting I hope we will have some time to consider the campaign and the materials prepared. We will then have a couple of months to decide whether this is a campaign which we wish to support. I anticipate some lively discussions about just how all-embracing our welcome can become.

During this period of Lent we have a number of special opportunities to meet and learn more of God’s love, the Lent study group meeting in the Upper Room will follow closing chapters of Mark’s gospel and is entitled ‘Singing in the Rain’.

Our house groups meeting on Mondays and Tuesdays are always pleased to welcome new members – why not try a couple of sessions to see if this is something that you would like to be part of on a regular basis?

It is always good to celebrate with members of our church; Rev Albert Molineaux celebrated his 90th birthday on 26th February. Albert has been ordained since 1949 (that is 62 years) and he served congregations in Twickenham, Reading, Totteridge and Whetstone. We celebrate with Albert and we give thanks for Albert and Peggy who have been, and continue to be, a blessing to the church.

It is also good to support those who face difficult times and I am aware of a number of people who are worried about their jobs following the drastic cuts following the public spending review.

Let us join in prayer for all those who now face uncertain futures or restricted choices. Let us join in prayer for all who feel unloved or unwanted, may they know God’s eternal love and that every single person is valued by God.

During this season of Lent, may you feel closer to God; so that we may all celebrate new life and new hope!

Yours in Christ,


Church Family News

We send our love and congratulations to two friends celebrating special birthdays: to Rev. Albert Molineux who was 90 on February 26th, and to Maureen Plummer celebrating her 70th on March 4th.

Very best wishes, and we hope you have a happy day.

Another notable anniversary in the life of the church this month was the 60th birthday of the Friendship Club. Celebrations have spread out over several weeks, culminating in lunch at the Shire Horse Centre on March 29th.  The Birthday Service will be held in the morning on May 15th.

It is good to see Mick Plummer about again after his knee surgery; Maureen is waiting for further treatment on her eye.



Following the success of our new style of evening worship we continue with this style of worship throughout March.

This term we are using a Listening Course as the teaching part of the worship, this is open to all ages – do come along, especially if you have not experienced our informal evening worship.

Refreshments are provided before the service, from 6.30pm, with the worship from 7.00pm.

Lent Study Course

As preparation for Lent 2011, Park Church offers a course based upon one of the Life Journey resource packs written by Jeff Lucas – international author, speaker and broadcaster and member of the Spring Harvest Team.

Called ‘Singing in the Rain’ the series explores how Jesus conducted Himself in the week leading up to His crucifixion, and the meaning that this has for His people today. 

It follows the story in Mark’s gospel, from Chapter 11.

The six sessions are supported by DVD film clips, bible study references and an opportunity to share ideas and insights through discussion.

This is a great opportunity for YOU to prepare yourself for YOUR Easter journey! You will be most welcome!

The sessions are led by Rev. Robert Weston and Dave Jones

Dates are:  

·       Wednesday 16th March

·       Wednesday 23rd March

·       Wednesday 30th March

·       Wednesday  6th  April

·       Wednesday 13th April

·       Wednesday 20th April

Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm in the ‘The Upper Room’ at Park Church

For further information please contact: Rev. Robert Weston or Dave Jones  

Dave Jones


To all members and Friends

I would like to thank everyone for the card, certificate, gift tokens and flowers presented to me by Roger at the Sutton Court service on Sunday February 6th, following my sixtieth anniversary of Park membership. How fast the time has gone since that day in 1951. My thanks to everyone who made it a happy occasion, finishing with tea and cakes.

I hope and pray the church will go forward into the future with continued success.

Thank you again,

Thelma Butler.

Congratulations again to Thelma for her long record of service to Park United Reformed Church.

And to the residents of Sutton Court who provided such a good tea.

They have told us that they hope in future to serve tea and biscuits after every Songs of Praise this year, with cake on special occasions!

New Zumba and Creche Class

Alliance Personal Training launch the demanded new Zumba and Creche class! Accommodating for both the Zumba Fanatics as well as the kids!

Day: Thursday

Time: 10am-11am.

Venue: Park URC

Class taught by Leanne Mcnulty.

Contact us if interested on 07728 830 901 or email us at enquiries@alliancepersonaltraining.co.uk 

Adam van den Dungen

The Real Easter Egg

This year for the first time you may see on the church Traidcraft stall a boxed Easter egg, such as we consume 80 million a year of in this country. The chocolate in this egg is (of course!) Fair Trade, but there’s more to the story than that. The price of the egg will include a donation to two charities, but there’s more to the story even than that. This is the Real Easter Egg, and it’s the first ever Easter egg sold in this country to mention what Easter is actually all about.

The idea first came to the inventor, David Marshall, when he received an Easter egg two years ago which said on the box, ‘Easter is the festival of chocolate and loveliness’. It made him laugh, but it also made him wonder just how many people did really think this to be the case. He has battled through many obstacles since then - firstly the government office which controls the licensing of product names, which wanted to know how this could claim to be the ‘Real’ Easter Egg, which led to some interesting arguments!

However, last September the vision began to become a reality. The idea was taken to the supermarkets and one by one they turned it down. So David turned to Traidcraft, who undertook distribution, and the biggest selling mail order egg in the UK was born.

Each box carries the following text:

Easter is all about cute bunnies, fluffy chicks and eating too much chocolate, right?

Well, not quite. We happen to think it's a bit more meaningful than that.

That's because billions of people all over the world believe that Jesus died on the cross on Good Friday, then rose again three days later... on Easter Sunday.

Actually, many believe that chocolate eggs represent the boulder that sealed his tomb. And with eggs being widely thought of as a symbol of hope and new life, the custom grew where people exchanged gifts of chocolate eggs at Easter. So now you know.
Just think... when you give someone The Real Easter Egg you're not just giving them a delicious chocolate treat, you're giving them something much more meaningful.

The egg is not available in supermarkets (a move I wouldn’t be surprised if they come to regret!) so look out for it on the Traidcraft stall or speak to me if you’d like one. They will be £3.99, and I think they will sell out fast.

Orders have flooded in from churches. This egg has increased fair trade sales, given money to charity (Traidcraft Exchange and Baby Lifeline, a charity that helps new mothers in the UK) and explained to thousands of people that Easter is so much more than the festival of chocolate and loveliness.

Pam Thompson

Super Soup Lunch 

The Green Apostles at Tilehurst Methodist Church are holding a Super Soup Lunch at Tilehurst Methodist Church, School Rd, Tilehurst on Saturday 26 March from 12.00 pm - 2.00 pm to raise money for Christian Aid (www.christianaid.org.uk/super-soup-lunch )

There will be soup, rolls and cakes made by church members.  The church will be open with displays from different church organisations for people to look at.  The event is open to the public. 

All welcome.  Christian Aid suggests a voluntary donation of £2.  10% or £50 of the profits, whichever is greater will be going to Park URC (www.parkurc.org.uk )towards their solar panels and woodchip boiler.  There will be a Traidcraft stall run by a member of St Catherine's Church, Tilehurst and an opportunity to enter a Christian Aid prize draw.



PACT and Fostering

What is fostering?

Fostering is looking after a child or young person when they can’t live with their own families; this can be for a number of reasons. PACT provides long term/permanent placements so the expectation is that the child will stay with you until they choose to leave home as a young adult.

Who is PACT?

A local charity that have been supporting needy and vulnerable families and children across Berks, Bucks and Oxon for 100 years now. We provide adoption and fostering services as well as running community based projects.

What makes a good foster carer?

You need to really care about children. You will need a good sense of humour. You need to be able to stick with a child through thick and thin and you need to have time and energy.

6 facts on fostering…

·       There is no upper age limit you just need to be relatively fit and healthy.

·       You don’t have to own your own home, as long as you are in stable accommodation and have a spare room.

·       It doesn’t matter if you are married or single or in a same sex partnership.

·       PACT pays a weekly tax free allowance of £335.70 to its foster carers.

·       You will be fully supported by a PACT social worker throughout the whole process.

·       It takes around 6 months to become an approved PACT foster carer.

·       It doesn’t matter what ethnicity you are, there are children from many different backgrounds that need fostering.

A good foster carer can really change a child’s life. If you want to find out more then contact PACT now on 0800 731 1845 email fostering@pactcharity.org or visit www.pactcharity.org

March Calendar



9.30 am

Morning Prayers



7.30 pm

Full Finance Committee Meeting



9.30 am

Morning Prayer Group




Morning Worship with Holy Communion



4.00 pm

Songs of Praise at Sutton Court led by Carol McCarron



7.00 pm

IGNITE! Worship



9.30 pm

Morning Prayers



7.30 pm

Elders Meeting



Wessex Synod Meeting at Winchester, with a Children’s Day running alongside




Morning Worship led by Ignite Plus House Group



 7.00 pm

IGNITE! Worship



9.30 am

Morning Prayers



7.30 pm

Lent Study Course begins




Morning Worship Preacher: Rev Jon Salmon from Trinity, Lower Earley; led by Dave Jones



7.00 pm

IGNITE! Worship



9.30 am

Morning Prayers



7.30 pm

Lent Study Group




SALT Festival Service



12 noon

Church Meeting



6.00 pm

Communion Service with a time of Prayer for Healing and Wholeness



Last day for contributions to the April magazine



9.30 am    Morning Prayers



7.30 pm    Lent Study Group


House Groups meet on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please speak to Rev. Robert Weston if you are interested in joining a group.

The Year Ahead - 2011Events


Monday 28th

Fairtrade Fortnight (until 13th March)


during March

Installation of Solar Panels

Saturday 12th

Wessex Synod Meeting, Southampton

Wednesday 16th

Lent Course, 5 weeks

Saturday 27th

Church Meeting


9th -14th

Spring Harvest Group away

Thursday 21st

Maundy Thursday service with St Andrew's URC

Sunday 24th

Easter Sunday 8.30am Early Communion Service & Breakfast


Sunday 15th

Friendship Club to lead Morning Worship

15th -21st

Christian Aid Week

Saturday 21st

Elders' Away Day

Sunday 22nd

Church Meeting


during June (& July)

Installation of wood pellet boiler

Sunday 12th

Pentecost and Church Lunch

Saturday 18th

Wessex Synod Day Out, Henley




1st - 3rd

Church Weekend Camp

Sunday 10th

Holy Communion

15th -17th

Wessex Youth Weekend Camp near Southampton


Tuesday 6th

Alpha Course (for 10 weeks)

Sunday 18th

Church Meeting

Sunday 25th

Harvest and Church Lunch


Sunday 2nd

Bible Sunday

Sunday 23rd

One World Week - African style service


Saturday 5th

Wessex Synod Meeting, Camberley

Sunday 6th

Visit of Moderator of General Assembly, and Church Lunch

Sunday 13th

Remembrance Sunday Parade Service

Sunday 20th

Church Meeting

Sunday 20th

Launch of 'The Campaign' across the United Reformed Church

Saturday 26th

Christmas Tree Festival and Fair


Sunday 25th  

Christmas Day service 9.30am

Church Contacts




Rev Robert Weston                                                                 office:       0118 926 5003

                                                                                               e-mail:       minister@parkurc.org.uk

Church Secretary:

Roger Clark                                                                            e-mail:       churchsecretary@parkurc.org.uk

Centre Manager:

Julie Cameron                                                                        phone:       0845 463 6426

                                                                                                                                                                                             e-mail:       centremanager@parkurc.org.uk

Magazine Editor:

Rod King                                                                                                                                  e-mail:       editor@parkurc.org.uk

Church Website:                                                www.parkurc.org.uk

Regular Activities at Park


10.30 am




Young people’s groups & Crèche facilities



Holy Communion  (1st Sunday)


4.00 pm 

Worship at Sutton Court (1st Sunday of month)


6.30 pm

Ignite Coffee & Cakes (in term-time)


7:00 pm

Ignite Worship(in term-time)


9.30 am

English Language School


10.00 am

Monkey Music


1.45 pm

Mayfield Singers


6.45 pm

Cub Scouts          


7.30 pm



10:00 am

Park 60+ Exercise


10:00 am

Happy Feet Footcare (every 3 weeks)


2.15 pm

Friendship Club    


2:15 pm

Reading U3A Tai Chi/Yoga (every 2 weeks)


4:00 pm

Street Feet Dance


7:30 pm

Earley Folk Dancing


7:45 pm

Aldbrickham Clog & Step Dancing


7.30 pm

Badminton Club


7.30 pm



9:30 am

Embroiderers’ Guild (monthly)


12.00 pm

Reading Lunchtime Choir


2.00 pm

Reading Macular Society


5.00 pm



6:45 pm

Tribal Fusion Classes (Belly Dancing)


7.30 pm

Mostly G&S Singers


8:00 pm

Arnica Parent Support Group (1st Weds of month)


11.45 am

Senior Citizens’ Lunch Club


2.00 pm

U3A Madrigal Society (every 2 weeks)


2.00 pm

Active Retirement Group


2:00 pm

Reading Abbey Trefoil Group (4th Thurs of month)


5:30 pm



6.00 pm



7.15 pm



7.30 pm



7.30 pm



9:30 am

English Language School





9.00 am

The Allenova Ballet School


10.30 am

Councillor Surgery(monthly)


7.30 pm

FIZZANG(Youth Club)

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