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Inside the magazine this month. 2

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RobertMinister’s Letter

7 High Tree Drive,




0118 966 8647

Dear Friends,


After months of negotiations with the Planning Officers of Reading Borough Council we received full planning permission for the solar panel installations on the church roof and the church halls’ roof on Tuesday 26th April. 

We are now able to confirm arrangements with our contractor ‘Ecosunpower’ so that the installation can begin.

We are also able to confirm with our contractor who will install our wood pellet boiler, now that the heating system has been switched off for the summer.

We will be the first United Reformed Church in the Wessex Synod to install a biomass boiler and one of the few in our Synod with solar panels generating electricity.

I anticipate that there will be a lot of interest generated by these pioneering projects and we’ll be showing a number of people around, explaining the advantages of both environmental projects.

It is our shared desire to be faithful disciples of Christ that has brought us to this point, faithful disciples that seek to usher in God’s kingdom.

As many people have been telling us, global warming is a major threat to all of God’s creation, therefore it is of great importance that we strive to make a positive difference to reduce our ‘carbon footprint’.

In our church vision statement we state this: ‘we aim to promote an awareness of environmental issues and to operate with sensitivity to environmental concerns’. 

Our eco projects will give us many opportunities to promote greater awareness of environmental issues within our local community here in Reading but much further too. We will continue working with our partners in Reading Christian Ecology Link (RCEL) who have been the catalyst and constant support with our eco adventures.

These large projects are part of a bigger picture and we can all make a contribution to help reduce energy consumption in our homes and our lifestyles. The increase in petrol and diesel costs will surely encourage more people to walk or cycle for their short journeys.

In our homes we can turn off lights in rooms that are unoccupied, and turn down the thermostat for our central heating. There may be ways in which you can encourage your workplace to be more environmentally sensitive too.

Each one of us is called ‘to love God and love our neighbour’ therefore we are all called to care for God’s creation for the sake of our neighbours in this country and all round the world.

Please join with me in praying that we will all find ways to make a really positive difference to our environment, remembering that God rejoices in each small step that we take.

May the God of new life and new opportunities inspire each one of us in the coming weeks!

Yours in Christ,


Churches In Reading: Celebrate Pentecost

A Reading Christian Network event for everyone:

"Keep Coming Holy Spirit" 

Sunday 12th The Salvation Army 6.30pm - a gathering for worship, prayer, ministry and impartation. 

Parking is available at Advantage Offices - off Castle Hill


Premier Radio

The good news of Jesus Christ can now be heard in London and across the UK now that Premier is available on digital radio!  Find out what’s on when from www.premier.org.uk.

www.premier.tv has a range of videos that are useful too.


Maintenance and Improvements

As mentioned last month, the fitting of the new crèche carpet has been completed. We are grateful to all who helped to move the storage cupboards so that the carpet could be laid wall-to-wall and to those who helped to return the cupboards and all the crèche equipment.

This has made a huge difference to the room and has received many favourable comments from hall users.

The Upper Room has also had some finishing touches added and is being well used by church groups and community groups. To enable greater use of the Upper Room and the Lounge, we have purchased a set of mugs and tea/coffee storage jars, this reduces the number of items to be brought upstairs from the kitchen.

Mick Plummer has been very busy in the church gardens and these have been a riot of colour this spring. We record thanks to Brian Wooldridge, Martin Smith and Mick who keep the lawn cut for our use during the summer months.

During the next month we’ll be putting up a new notice board in the entrance foyer, which will be used to inform everyone of our eco-projects. It will be good to watch the progress with both the installation of the solar panels and the biomass (wood pellet) boiler system.

Once the solar panels are installed we will have a display board showing how much electricity is being generated and how much carbon dioxide this is saving.

The biomass boilers will be installed during the summer but obviously these will not be needed until the autumn.

Please pray for all the contractors that will be involved in these special eco-projects, praying that all goes smoothly.

Robert Weston

The Campaign

At the March Church Meeting we looked at the advertising campaign that is being proposed by the URC, in which the message of radical welcome is to be offered.

We shall return to the materials at the May Church Meeting, during which there will be an opportunity to express opinions about the campaign.

Please note that this is an opt-in camapaign for those URC congregations that which to be part of the scheme.

Easter Celebration Thanks

On behalf of all the fellowship, I would like to express sincere thanks for all those involved in our Easter celebrations.

The readers at the Good Friday service brought vividly to mind the crucifixion event, thanks to Carrie King, Gaye Rees, Suzy Weston, Laura King.

I would also like to thank all those who helped decorate the church with flowers ready for Sunday morning’s worship and all involved in decorating the breakfast tables and preparing the Easter breakfast.

It was a great time of fellowship with all ages present, how wonderful to celebrate the joy of Easter together.

Easter Monday Walk

Once again we thank Janet and Alan Pritchard for organising a 5 mile walk starting at Knowl Hill on Easter Monday.

Our intrepid walkers enjoyed discovering the hidden footpaths in the beautiful sunny Berkshire countryside that is on our doorstep.

The sun shone for the whole walk and it felt like a summer’s day!

Preaching Plans

During May and June there are a number of special events including the 60th anniversary service for our Friendship Club on May 15th and Pentecost on June 12th.

On the other Sundays we’ll be looking at the prophet Elijah, focussing on the passages in 1Kings chapters 17-19. Elijah is an interesting prophet who spends quite a bit of time on the run!

Church Weekend Camp in July

This year’s weekend camp will be from 1st – 3rd July at White Mark Farm, Watlington – this is a camp site with all the usual facilities – toilet and shower block, a small shop, and walking distance from the village of Watlington.

The camp is open to all ages at Park URC, whether you have a small tent, big tent, trailer tent or a caravan!

If you don’t like camping then you are welcome to come and join in the fun for the day and return home in the evenings (the site is just 40 mins from Reading).

To book your place please contact Suzy Weston (rweston@tesco.net or 0118 966 8647).

Suzy Weston

Reading Street Pastors

We will again be recruiting to train volunteers starting on Saturday September 10th .

A long way off, but if anyone is interested in this exciting work, what this involves, or would like a first hand experience of this outreach then please contact Matt on: 075 333 25504 or reading@streetpastors.org.uk.  

Contact Matt also to invite him to share the work within your various groups or Church congregations.

‘Relationship & Growth’ Conference

A day conference on ‘Relationship & Growth’ hosted by Philippi Trust is being held on Saturday 21st May in Reading.

Janet Penny, Programme Leader for the MA in Integrative Psychotherapy at the London School of Theology, will be talking on: ‘Attachment Theory in practice’.

There are workshops on: Counselling, Therapy or Spiritual Direction? / Self Organised Learning / Supervision ”Hot potatoes”.

Cost £35 including lunch. For more information please contact:  Tel: (0118) 9667422 or email: reading@philippitrust.freeserve.co.uk or visit www.philippireading.org.uk.

Intermediate Counselling Course

Do you want to develop your people helping skills?

Philippi Trust is running a 1-year Intermediate Counselling Course (OCN Level 3) at Brookside Church, Earley, Reading starting in June 2011, (Short weekends: Friday evenings and Saturday daytime). This course is for those who have completed Level 2. 

For further information please contact: Tel: (0118) 9667422 or email: reading@philippitrust.freeserve.co.uk or visit www.philippireading.org.uk.

Share Evangelistic Video Clips with One Click

The new YesHEIs.com website offers Christians a categorised range of third-party evangelistic video clips - a one-stop source of conversation-starting video clips that Christians can easily share on Facebook (or other social media), embed in a blog, or download to a smartphone to share one-to-one.

Check out www.yesheis.com/en/en/about


Ordination of Sue Cossey

Les Dray’s daughter, Sue Cossey, was ordained as a United Reformed Church Minister on April 30th, at Zion United Church at Frampton Catterell.

She will be serving the Churches Council for Industry and Social Responsibility - an ecumenical organisation of five denominations including the URC.

Sue is shown here, with John Lee and her fellow trainees from the Southern Theological Education and Training Scheme (STETS) Group

photos Les Dray


Easter at Park - in pictures

photos Les Dray

Spring Harvest 2011

Once again a large group from Park, Wesley and Anderson set off on the 9th April to sunny Minehead for Spring Harvest 2011!

This year the theme was Route 66 - a link to the fact that there are 66 books in the Bible and that we are constantly on a journey of discovery when reading those books.

The Bible was described over four whole days as Sonnet (All scripture is breathed out by God ... 2 Timothy 3:16), Symphony (Oh how great are God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge ... Romans 11:33), Screenplay (We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses ... Hebrews 12:1) and Streetmap (Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path ... Psalm 119:105).

These ideas were explored in a rich variety of ways each day culminating in worship, in the big top for the adults and elsewhere for the older youth, which involved much singing, praying and listening to fascinating talks by world class speakers.


Every morning there were also Bible reading sessions in a variety of forms for all ages on the book of Malachi.


The first of these sessions that I attended, we were asked to turn to the person next to us and tell them what we knew about this book! ‘Errrr ... very short book and last book in the old testament’ was all most of us knew. But by the end of Spring Harvest after five hours of fascinating insight, we were all amazed that such a small book could hold so much - both for the Israelites thousands of years ago and for us all now!

Apart from the learning there was the usual round of beach, concerts, fun fair, swimming pool, shopping for Christian books and resources, and relaxing with our fellow Christians from our local community churches and all over the country.

A brilliant time was had by all, as usual!

Carrie King













I would like to thank friends at Park for their thoughts, prayers and flowers over the last few months.

My progress is  much slower than I had hoped for and I ask you to continue to remember me in your prayers.

In Christian love,

June Waldron

Southampton Passion

Over ten thousand people thronged the streets of Southampton on Good Friday and stood in stunned silence to witness a superb and unbelievably moving, dramatised version of the last week of Christ on earth.

Churches and worshipping communities from across the area and beyond were present in the cast of over 170 performers.

The project began three years ago and brought churches from all denominations and the communities they serve together for a musical retelling of the Easter story including the Last Supper, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection.

The production was projected onto large screens for all those Christians and non-Christians who had gathered shoulder to shoulder in the city’s main Guildhall Square.

Signpost the not-yet Christians

The Christian Enquiry Agency’s website has a section that keeps changing through the year with seasons and national events.  Hope Together referred people to these pages at their Easter events this year.   www.christianity.org.uk

May is Digital Outreach Month

Internet Evangelism Day is an annual event taking place on 15th May. This year the entire month of May has been designated as Digital Outreach Month. 

You can use free downloads from IE Day’s resource site to showcase these opportunities - video clips, PowerPoints, handouts, free music, dramascripts and posters.   

Get more information from: www.InternetEvangelismDay.com/description.php#ixzz1HcXhbHcz 

Christian Aid Week 15th –21st May  

By the time this magazine is published, Christian Aid Week will be almost upon us.

We hope to cover as many roads as possible of our allocation for the house-to-house collection.

Envelopes and other material should be received in the near future; please contact me if you are willing to help again.

Some new collectors would be very welcome!

Doreen Woods

Bar takes to the web

Love our Geobars? Then check out www.lovegeobar.com

Under the banner: “Change the world – one bite at a time”, our lively, new website has information about producers and the product, puzzles, games and quizzes for younger consumers, and regular updates on new developments.

“With annual sales of 20 million, Geobar is our most widely recognised and bestselling product,” said Traidcraft Marketing Director Larry Bush. “It was a natural progression to develop a dedicated website, where consumers can engage with such a popular product.”

Come up with a name for our Geobar “family” and you could win a year’s supply of Geobars. See www.lovegeobar.com

May Calendar



9.30 am

Morning Prayer Group in

the Upper Room




Morning Worship with Holy Communion



4.00 pm

Songs of Praise at Sutton Court



7.00 pm

IGNITE! Worship



9.30 am

Morning Prayers



7.30 pm

Premises and Maintenance Committee




Morning Worship



7.00 pm

IGNITE! Worship



9.30 am

Morning Prayers



7.30 pm

Elders’ Meeting



1.30 pm

RE Inspired school visit to Park




Friendship Club 60th Anniversary service



7.00 pm

IGNITE! Worship


17th – 19th Minister away at URC Mission Council Meeting



9.30 am

Morning Prayers



Elders’ Awayday at Aston Tirrold




Morning Worship



12 noon

Church Meeting



 7.00 pm

IGNITE! worship



9.30 am

Morning Prayers




Morning Worship led by Carol McCarron



7.00 pm

IGNITE! Worship

Last Day for contributions to the June Magazine

28th May – June 2nd Minister on Annual Leave


1 June: No Morning Prayers


House Groups meet on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please speak to Rev. Robert Weston if you are interested in  joining a group.


Park 60+ Exercise

We're a happy, fun loving group who meet at Park URC on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for some gentle exercise and lively chat! Come and meet us one day and see what we do - you will be very welcome to pop in and join a session for free and see if you might like to join us on a regular basis.
There are three sessions a week, as follows:

Tuesdays: 10.15 - 11.45:

Exercise to Music - A mixture of moving, seated and floor work for the lively 60s+

Wednesdays: 10.00 - 11.30:

Gentle Exercise to Music - A more gentle version of the Tuesday session. Floor work is rare and only for those who want it, seated alternatives being given to those who prefer not to venture onto the floor

Wednesdays12.00 - 13.00:

Seated / Chair based exercise - A session for those who want to benefit from valuable exercise but prefer the support of a chair. Most of the session is seated with occasional standing with a chair for support.

Contact Gail for details: 01628 483895 or 07932 188 129 gail.borrows@gmail.com

News from Traidcraft - Lessons online

If you have contact with any local schools, make sure they know about Traidcraft’s new website especially for schools!

The site hosts more than 100 new, curriculum-linked lesson plans on Fairtrade across a range of subject areas, plus assemblies, activities and games.

It also has loads of information on getting Fairtrade into school, be it for the staff room, snack stalls, special events or to sell to parents, as well as advice for schools going for Fairtrade status.

See www.traidcraftschools.co.uk

Church Contacts




Rev Robert Weston                                                          office:       0118 926 5003

                                                                                             e-mail:       minister@parkurc.org.uk

Church Secretary:

Roger Clark                                                                      e-mail:       churchsecretary@parkurc.org.uk

Centre Manager:

Julie Cameron                                                                phone:       0845 463 6426

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Magazine Editor:

Rod King                                                                                           e-mail:       editor@parkurc.org.uk


Church Website:                                     www.parkurc.org.uk





Regular Activities at Park


10.30 am




Young people’s groups & Crèche facilities



Holy Communion  (1st Sunday)


4.00 pm 

Worship at Sutton Court (1st Sunday of month)


6.30 pm

Ignite Coffee & Cakes (in term-time)


7:00 pm

Ignite Worship(in term-time)


9.30 am

English Language School


10.00 am

Monkey Music


1.45 pm

Mayfield Singers


6.45 pm

Cub Scouts          


7.30 pm



10:00 am

Park 60+ Exercise


10:00 am

Happy Feet Footcare (every 3 weeks)


2.15 pm

Friendship Club    


2:15 pm

Reading U3A Tai Chi/Yoga (every 2 weeks)


4:00 pm

Street Feet Dance


7:30 pm

Earley Folk Dancing


7:45 pm

Aldbrickham Clog & Step Dancing


7.30 pm

Badminton Club


7.30 pm



9:30 am

Embroiderers’ Guild (monthly)


12.00 pm

Reading Lunchtime Choir


2.00 pm

Reading Macular Society


5.00 pm



6:45 pm

Tribal Fusion Classes (Belly Dancing)


7.30 pm

Mostly G&S Singers


8:00 pm

Arnica Parent Support Group (1st Weds of month)


11.45 am

Senior Citizens’ Lunch Club


2.00 pm

U3A Madrigal Society (every 2 weeks)


2.00 pm

Active Retirement Group


2:00 pm

Reading Abbey Trefoil Group (4th Thurs of month)


5:30 pm



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7.30 pm



9:30 am

English Language School





9.00 am

The Allenova Ballet School


10.30 am

Councillor Surgery(monthly)


7.30 pm

FIZZANG(Youth Club)