South Africa Project

On 8th August 2015 a small group of us returned to Alathea Bible College, Grace School both projects of Hope for Africa Mission, Siyabuswa. You can follow our blog:   

During our visit we were helping out at the Grace School, taking some books which have been donated, along with many hats for school children - during the winter months the children feel cold (even though the winter temperatures in Siyabuswa are like the summer temperatures in England!)   We also helped decorate some classrooms and build some wooden benches for use in the school grounds.  We were able to encourage the teachers and one of our group was able to mentor a number of the teachers working in a range of subjects.

You can read a day by day account of our previous visit, in 2012, on our team blog:

The exciting 3 week Church Community Project to support the work of the Alathea Bible College in Siyabuswa, South Africa, took place from 23rd July 2012 when a group of 22 people travelled to Siyabuswa.

During the three week visit the team worked with ministerial students from the Alathea Bible College, where Neil and Hilary Applegate have been working for the past three years. They also worked on a number of projects in Grace Christian School and provided an after-school club on an Olympics theme for children in the local community. In addition, they ran a youth event for young people, to express the Good News through sport, drama, dance and singing. Within the Grace School we were able to redecorate six classrooms, repair computers in the computer room and set up keyboards for music lessons. Our teachers were able to offer support and training for the teaching staff, offering a range of techniques and approaches. We were also able to help with a number of business initiatives including a chicken farm and a cut flower opportunity. At the Hope Church in Siyabuswa, we were able to present 50 Bibles in English and 50 Bibles in Zulu, and we look forward to raising funds for more Bibles for members of the churches in Siyabuswa.

After two weeks of mission activity the group had the opportunity to visit the Kruger National Park and got some amazing close up photographs of the wildlife. The group raised their own funds to support this exciting Church Community Project and they ran several successful fundraising events including a gruelling Team Triathalon in which the team ran 32 miles, cycled 130 miles and swam 10.5 miles. The team are grateful for all the support received in prayer, advice and fundraising!