University Chaplaincy

Our Minister, Robert Weston, serves the University of Reading as one of the team of Christian Chaplains, details of the Chaplaincy activities can be found at

Who are the Chaplains at Reading?

There are four Chaplains and a Chaplaincy Assistant

What is the Chaplaincy?

The Chaplaincy is based around the work of our chaplains - a friendly group of men and women drawn from local churches who offer support to students and staff, whatever their religious beliefs.


       "The chaplaincy is a warm, friendly environment - an oasis of calm in the centre of campus. There are many opportunities to meet with people from a wide variety of backgrounds or to find a quiet place to meditate and chill out".

(Lee, University Staff)

We aim to

  • be a reflective, praying, God-centred faith community, respectful of and enriched by our distinct traditions

  • resource a space in which students and staff are accepted, nutured, and can find confidence, healing and spiritual growth

  • be a Christian witness affirming all that is good, promoting justice and peace, and respect and care for God's Creation

  • facilitate dialogue between people of all faiths and viewpoints in an environment of trust