Zambia Youth Exchange

Park United Reformed Church is one of many churches in the Wessex Synod with a link church in the United Church of Zambia, our link congregation is St Matthew's United Church of Zambia, which is in the capital city of Lusaka.

A three year youth exchange programme between the UK, Zambia, and France began with a group meeting together in August 2009. Park United Reformed Church is delighted to have been part of this exchange prgramme, which has enriched the lives of the individuals involved and encouraged the churches too.

The four churches involved were the United Church of Zambia (Lusaka Presbytery), Methodist Church (Southampton District), L'Eglise Reformee de France (Normandy region) and United Reformed Church (Wessex Synod). In 2010 the exchange group went to Zambia for three weeks and in 2011 the exchange group went to France.

For further details please visit the World Church pages of the Wessex Synod website